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Single Phase AC Voltage Relay Transducer GS-AV1C1-JxSC

Single Phase AC Voltage Relay Transducer GS-AV1C1-JxSC

Input Range
AC 10V~1000V
Power Supply
DC 12V24V;
35mm DIN Rail
Single Phase AC Voltage Relay Transducer  Model GS-AV1C1-JxSC 

     AI1C1-JxSC series is a single phase AC Voltage Relay transducer. It detects the voltage in a power line, processes it, and then generates relay ( switch) signal.  Processing by using the advanced MCU and precisive 24-digit AD Converter, this transducer has the advantage of high precision and superior performance.


* Accuracy:Class 0.5
* Power Supply:12Vdc、24Vdc(optional)
* Input Range:AC10~1000V(customizeable)
* Output:Switch (Relay) Signal
* Alarm modes:Overcurrent alarm or undercurrent alarm. (customizebale)
* Output Threshhold:2%-100%(customizeable)
*Operating Temperature:-10℃~+60℃
* Static Power Consumption:≤0.5W
* Rated Power Consumption:≤0.5W
* Load of Isolation Voltage:DC 2500V
* Response Time:≤300ms(default 265ms)
*Thermal Drift:≤500PPm/℃
*Lightning Surge Immunity:Power-supply end 2000V
* Case Style:S
*Case Material:ABS ( Flame retardant)
* Mounting:35mm DIN rail or screw.

Part Number Guide:
CO   Product Type Input type Phase Isolation Waveform   Output Power supply Case Accuracy
GS A AC V voltage 1 Single phase C Treble isolation 1 Sine J Switch
2 12Vdc S S
C 0.5
4 24Vdc
Note:In the model  GS-AV1C1-JxSC, x means power supply, and there are two power supply types for options.
GS-AI1C1-J2SC  AC Voltage  relay transducer, single phase,3 isolating,output switch signals,power supply 12V,S style case, accuracy 0.5

Wiring Diagram:

Note:Terminal 1 and 3 are for Voltage input; Terminal 7,8,and 9 are for output. Terminal 7 is Nomal open, terminal 8 is Common, and Terminal 9 is Normal Close.  Terminal 10 and 11 are for power supply.

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