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Hall Current Sensor,GS-C23 Series

Hall Current Sensor,GS-C23 Series

Input Range
±100A dc--±500A dc
Power Supply
+12V (±5%)
12±8mA dc
78x84x16mm, hole diameter:35mm
GS-C23 Series is a hall current sensor that detects  AC or DC current in a wire, and generates a signal proportional to that current. The generated signal can be then used to display the measured current in an ammeter, or can be stored for further analysis in a data acquisition system, or can be used for the purpose of control..


GS ±100-C23(A4,+12)

GS ±200-C23(A4,+12)

GS ±300-C23(A4,+12)

GS ±500-C23(A4,+12)

Rated Current

±100A dc

±200A dc

±300A dc

±500A dc

Rated voltage

12±8mA dc





Offset Current


Temperature Characteristic


Response Time


Power Supply

+12V (±5%)

Current Consumption

35mA+Output Current

Transient Voltage

Power Supply & (com)Gnd\Output & (com)Gnd  2000V,with 1.2/50us, 5 Times

Isolation Voltage

3KV AC 50Hz 1 Min

Operating Temperature

-10℃ ~ +80℃

Storage Temperature

-25℃ ~ +85℃

                    1. Designed for measuring DC, AC, or  pulse Current, and measuring range is customizable.
                    2. Highly electrically isolated between input and output;
                    3. Unipolar or Bipolar measuring.
                    4. Current hole-thru inputing and low loss.
                    5. Compact design and light weight.
                    6. The case meets the standard 





  • Sensor's zero (OFS) and the gain (GIN) already deferred to the fixed magnitude of current before product leaving the plant to adjust, in the ordinary circumstances the user does not need to make the adjustment again.
  • When the primary side does not have the electric current to wind through, but the sensor outputs is not a zero hour, to achieve the test precision to be possible micro zero alignment (OFS) the potentiometer, causes the sensor to output is zero then.
  • The primary side electric current female platoon should install in the hole central place, the mother has arranged the width to fill the hole as far as possible, by obtains the best measuring accuracy.
  • Vice-side the measuring appliance or the terminal control electric circuit's input RL impedance should ≤300Ω.
  • When primary side electric current along sensor arrow direction flowing, obtains in-phase voltage or the electric current in the out-port.
  • The product wiring please strictly carry on according to this instruction for use, if the wiring error, will damage possibly the  sensor


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