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3Phase AC Current Transducer for Mining/Engineering Machinery

3Phase AC Current Transducer for Mining/Engineering Machinery

Input Range
AC 0-2000A
Power Supply
passive or 24V DC or 9-30V DC
0-5V DC 0-10V DC4-20mA DC Can-bus
L263xW28xH98mm Diameter:50mm

3Phase AC Current Transducer for Mining/Engineering Machinery



GS-AI3-50 is a 3 phase AC Current Transducer,which is specially designed for mining and engineering machinery. The measuring range can be 2000A AC, and output standard dc signals 0-5V DC, 0-10V DC, 4-20mA DC, Can-Bus etc. It can be connected with PLC or other monitoring device for control.


1) Measure the three-phase alternating current;
2) Output DC analog or can bus data;
3) Good linearity, high precision, basically no temperature drift;
4) Impact resistance, high reliability;
5) Aperture: 50mm, overall dimension: l263 × W28 × h98mm;
6) Executive standard: GB / t13850-1998 (iec688-1992).


1) Motor working current detection, motor start over-current overload protection, motor short-circuit current detection;
2) Isolation sampling of strong / weak current between main circuit and measuring circuit can be directly connected with PLC, etc;
3) Detection, feedback, control, monitoring.
Note: This product must be placed in the explosion-proof box / cabinet when there are explosion-proof requirements.


 Main electric parameter

GS-AI3-50 0-2000A AC
Optional range
(503000A AC)
Measuring Range Impulse Current
@ 1minute
50A 0~50A 300A
100A 0~100A 300A
200A 0~200A 600A
300A 0~300A 600A
500A 0~500A 1000A
600A 0~600A 1600A
800A 0~800A 1600A
1000A 0~1000A 2000A
1200A 0~1200A 2000A
1500A 0~1500A 2000A
1800A 0~1800A 3000A
2000A 0~2000A 3000A

Basic Parameters

Model GS-AI3B1-50/5V GS-AI3B1-50/10V GS-AI3B1-50/4-20mA GS-AI3B1-50 CAN
Input 0-5V 0-10V 4-20mA Can2.0(12bit)
Output limit 7.0V 12V 32mA -------
Load of Resistance ≥10KΩ ≤450Ω
Operating voltage Passive DC 24V (±5%) DC 9~30V
Operation current no ≤120mA ≤60mA ≤120mA ≤60mA
Power consumption no ≤3W ≤1.5W ≤3W ≤1.5W
Frequency 40~100Hz
Accuracy ±0.5%F.S
Response Time ≤150ms
Temperature at Zero point ≤±0.5mV/℃  ≤±3.2uA/℃    ≤±0.5/℃
Output temperature coefficient ±0.015%F.S /℃
Isolation AC 6kV @ 50Hz @ 1min (signal input / signal output)
insulation resistance ≥100MΩ 
Working humidity ≤95%
Operation Temperature -25~+75 ℃
Storage Temperature -40~+85 ℃
Protection level IP20

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