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3 Phase AC Current Transducer  Model:GS-AI3B1-xxEC

3 Phase AC Current Transducer Model:GS-AI3B1-xxEC

Input Range
AC 1~30A
Power Supply
35mm DIN Rail
116(L)x25(W)x87mm(H) diameter 6.2mm
3 Phase AC Current Transducer  NB-AI3B1-xxEC 

AI3B1 series is a 3-phase device that detects  AC currents in wires, and generates a signal proportional to that current. The generated signal could be analog voltage(0-5V dc,0-10V dc) or current( 0-20mA,4-20mA) output. The generated signal can be then used to display the measured current in an ammeter, or can be stored for further analysis in a data acquisition system, or can be used for the purpose of control.


* Basic Accuracy:0.5.
* Power Supply:+12V dc、+15V dc、+24V dc
* Input Current Range:AC 1~30A AC
* Input Frequency:50~3000Hz
* Output Signals:0-5V、0-10V、0-20mA、4-20mA
* Operating Temperature:-10℃~+60℃
* Load of Output:Voltage Output ≥2KΩ;Current Output≤250Ω
* Static Power:≤0.5W
* Rated Power:≤1.5W
* Load of Insulation Voltage:DC 2500V
* Response Time:≤300ms
* Thermal Drift:≤300PPm/℃
* Lightening Surge:Power end 2000V, Input end 10000A, Output 500V.
* Case Style:E.
* Case Materials:ABS (flame retardant).
* Installation:35mm DIN Rail.
Part Number Guide:

Inside the main model GS-AI3B1-xxEC,“xx”means “output” and “Power supply”. There are several different output values and power supplies for options.
GS-AI3B1-A2EC   AC current,3 phase, 2 isolating, sine waveform,output 0-5V dc,power supply 12V dc,E style case,accuracy 0.5
GS-AI3B1-C3EC   AC current ,3 phase,2 isolating, sine waveform,output 0-20mA dc.power supply 15V dc,E style case,accuracy 0.5
GS-AI3B1-D4EC   AC currant,3 phase, 2 isolating, sine waveform,output 4-20mA dc,power supply 24V dc,E style case,accuracy 0.5

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