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Single Phase AC/DC Current Transducer Model:GS-HI1C6-A9KD

Single Phase AC/DC Current Transducer Model:GS-HI1C6-A9KD

Input Range
AC/DC 10~400A
Power Supply
AC/DC 85V~265V
AC 0-5V or DC 0-5V
35mm DIN Rail
116(L)x25(W)x87mm(H) diameter 22mm
Single Phase AC DC Current Transducer       Model:GS-HI1C6-A9KD


             HI1C6-A9KD is an AC/DC Current Transducer that detects  AC or DC Current in a wire, and generates a signal proportional to that current. The generated signal could be 0-5Vac or 0-5Vdc which depends on the input current being AC or DC. The generated signal can be then used to display the measured current in an ammeter, or can be stored for further analysis in a data acquisition system, or can be used for the purpose of control. 


* Accuracy:Class 1.0
* Power supply:AC/DC 85V~265V
* Input range:ACDC 10~400A(Customizeable)
* Output:AC 0-5V or DC 0-5V;
* Operating temperature:-10℃~+60℃
* Load of Voltage:Voltage output ≥2KΩ;Current output ≤250Ω
* Static power Consumption:≤0.3W
* Rated power Consumption:≤0.7W
* Load of Isolation Voltage:DC 2500V
* Response Time:≤10ms
* Thermal drift:≤500PPm/℃
* Lightning surge Immunity:Power-supply end 2000V,Input end 10000A,Output end 500V
* Case style:K
* Case material:ABS (Flame retardant)
* Mounting: 35mm DIN rail or screw

Part Number Guide

The mail model is GS-HI1C6-A9KD.

For example:
GS-HI1C6-A9KD AC/DC Current transducer, single phase, 2 isolating, tracking singal output 0-5Vac/dc,power supply 220V, K style case,accuracy 1.0

Wiring Diagram
                            Wiring diagram with power supply of 220V


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