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Split Core Single Phase DC Bidirectional Current Transducer Model GS-DI1B4-D4PD

Split Core Single Phase DC Bidirectional Current Transducer Model GS-DI1B4-D4PD

Input Range
Power Supply

Split Core Single-phase Bidirectional  DC Current Transducer, GS-DI1B4-D4PD


This transducer GS-DI1B1-D4PD is a bidirectional DC current transducer. The split core is convenient to measure the current of the power lines. This split core DC current transducer adopts hall effect principle that can convert the input signal of high bidirectional DC current into a linear standard bidirectional DC signal. This clamp type transducers are widely used in communications, electricity, railways, and the current signal real-time detection or monitoring of industrial control and other fields


  • Compact design, convenient splitcore measuring methold with self-lock function,easy to use.
  • High precision; Excellent linearity and reliability;
  • Measuring range is up to 1000A.
  • Strong anti-interference feature;  surge voltage immunity up to 4KV.


* Test conditions: auxiliary power supply: +24V, room temperature: 25℃;

* Rated range: ±20ADC~1000A DC;

* Output: 2.5±2.5V;5±5V; 10±10mA;12±8mA; (can be customized absolute for voltage output)

* Power supply:DC+12V,DC+15V, DC+24V;

* Accuracy: class 1.0;

* Load capacity: voltage output load ≥ 2KΩ,current output load≤250Ω;

* Temperature drift:≤800ppm/℃;

* Linear range: 0~120%;

* Isolation voltage: 2500V DC/1 minute;

* Response time: ≤200mS;

* Rated power consumption: ≤ 0.6W;

* Output ripple: ≤15mV;

* Frequency range: none ;

* Input overload capacity: 20 times of the nominal value (maximum 500A, apply one second repeat 5 times, interval 300S);

* Surge impact immunity: 

   power supply port ±2KV(L-N/2Ω/ Integrated wave)

   input or output port±2KV (L-N/40Ω/ Integrated wave);

* Operating temperature: -10°C~+60°C;   

* Storage temperature: -40~70°C.








Installation dimensions

Wiring diagram



                                                         Wiring diagram of voltage output



                                                 Wiring diagram of current output


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