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Split Core Single Phase DC Current Transducer GS-DI1B0-xxPD

Split Core Single Phase DC Current Transducer GS-DI1B0-xxPD

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Split Core Single Phase DC Current Transducer GS-DI1B0-xxPD



This model GS-DI1B4-xxPD is a DC current transducer. The split core is convenient to measure the current of the power lines. It adopts hall effect principle that can convert the measured DC current into a linear standard DC signal and output 0-5V,0-10V,0-20mA, or 4-20mA etc. The electronic-magnetic isolation between the input and output can solve the problem of common ground and strong electrical interference that may exist between the input and putput system. This clamp type transducers are widely used in communications electricity railways and the current signal real-time detection or monitoring of industrial control and other fields


  • With the split core methold, it is easy to operate,and the self-lock function can guarantee the safety and accurate measurement. It is designed for standard 35mm DIN Rail,easy to mount.
  • It is desirable to mesure over 10A, stable performace.
  • Low thermal drift.



* Test conditions: auxiliary power supply: +24 V, interior temperature: 25 °C ; 

* Input range: 10ADC~1000A DC;

* Output: 0-5VDC, 0-10VDC, 0-20mADC, 4-20mADC;

* Output ripple: ≤10mV;

* Accuracy: class 1.0, (measuring range 10A is class 2.0);

* Linearity range: 0 ~ 120%;

* Response time: ≤200mS; 

* Isolation voltage: 2500V DC/1 minute

* Working environment: Temperature: -10 °C ~ +60 °C;   

* Temperature drift: ≤800ppm/ °C;

* Auxiliary Power: +12V, +15V, +24V;

* Load capacity: ≤250Ω; 

* Rated power consumption: <1.2W;   

* Output ripple: ≤15mV;   

* Frequency range: none;

* Surge impact immunity: none

* Impulse immunity: None;

* Input overload capacity: 20 times of the nominal value (Apply one second repeat 5 times, interval 300S);

* Storage temperature: -10~60°C.







Installation dimensions



                                      Wiring diagram of voltage output


                                    Wiring diagram of current output


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