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G-Sensor Co.,Ltd  is  pecialized in research, development, and manufacturing of Electrical transducers. Our transducer products cover AC Current transducer,AC Voltage transducer, DC Current transducer, DC Voltage transducer, AC Power transducer, DC Power transducer, Digital AC Current transducer, Digital AC Voltage transducer, Digital AC Power transducer, Digital DC Power transducer, Frequency Tranasducer, Isolator,Hall open-loop Current sensor, Hall Closed-loop Current sensor, Hall Voltage sensor etc. 


We see "High Accuracy" and "Stable Performance" of our products as the lifeline of our company, and therefore,we have always selected the qualified materials and components, adopted the advanced crafts and technics in the production of our transducers. All of our tranducers that were sold meet the quality standards of UL,CE, and RoHS.  


Our transducers have been exported to dozens of countries and been running well in many fields like electric power system,evergy production system, PV system, Communications, Battery management system, EV system, Railway stystems etc.         


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